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Our products use food grade colour, are not harmful to the body’s chemical resistance, no electric inductor, do not induce static electricity, are rustproof, are well designed in both engineering and aesthetics, come in many color and are easy to clean and wipe down.

• Durability: Our educational furniture is produced with special polypropylene (PP). Our educational has been tested and approved for the ability to withstand forces and all types of loadings functional, status, fatigue loading.

• Safety: Our educational furniture does not have any sharp edges. During the test, when placed under heavy loads and high pressure, either vertically or horizontally, our desks and chairs showed no deforming, cracking, fracturing or loosering of any parts. We use food grade colours for the safety of student's health. Additionally, the finished surface of our furniture is matt and non-absorbent.

• Comfort: Flexibility is considered to be one of the main aspect of our educational furniture. The desks and chairs are designed according to ergonomic standards, and the dimensions are approved to be in accordance with the standards. Students will feel comfortable during long studying hours.
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JAPANESE TABLE, with Fold-up  [ 4 ]  




CENTER TABLE,with fold-up leg  [ 3 ]  


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Standard size 4 Elementary School
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